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Toyota Hiace

LPG Conversion System

An LPG system that will have you converted.

Hiace can now work even harder for your business with a factory approved high technology LPG conversion that drives down running costs. It offers easier starting to get you on the road sooner.

This state of the art sequential multipoint gaseous injection system is factory approved with a 3 year 100,000km  warranty. It offers significant advantages like improved fuel consumption over some retrofitted, fumigation type LPG systems. That's great for any business as it can increase your profitability by reducing operating costs.

Right from the beginning, Toyota designed the 2.7ltr engine to run on LPG as well as petrol. Initiatives like hardened valves and valve seats enhance long term durability. Controlling exhaust gas and temperatures also helps preserve critical engine components. In fact over 150,000 km of testing proved that there is only minimal difference in performance between petrol and LPG.

Easier starting, tidier finish.

The engine starts on petrol, then switches to LPG depending on engine temperature and vehicle operating conditions. This helps prevent backfires and difficult starting encountered with some systems. If the gas runs out, the system switches back automatically to petrol operation. You can also look forward to impressive performance thanks to the engine's full electronic control using both original engine and LPG Electronic Control Units.

Tidy integration with the vehicles wiring harness means a neat engine bay. The fuel filler uses the original fuel fill pocket in the bodywork. Smarter finish extends to the dash where the one fuel gauge works for both fuels.

Gas that helps all of us breathe.

Hiace's LPG system also cleans up with lower emissions and meets the tough Euro 3 emission regulations. It also complies with the 1st Jan 2005 Australian Design Rules emission tests. While you're saving money, you'll also be caring for the environment with lower Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbon emissions and less smogcausing gas like NOx.

Loads more advantages.

In commercial vehicles, you don't want gas tanks gobbling up cargo capacity. Hiace's underfloor 64-litre twin tanks are out of sight and out of your cargo area. They won't restrict your ability to fit a tow bar either.

So the LPG conversion in Hiace will save you money, alot of hassle and even help save the environment. When you really look into it you'll be converted.

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