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Benefits of LPG

Benefits of LPG

img_environ_02.jpgThe fuel economy of LPG depends on a varied range of factors. Late model vehicles running on LPG use approximately 20 percent more fuel than petrol-powered equivalents. However some of the higher consumption vehicles in fact only use 10 percent more LPG.

The major benefits you will receive from converting your vehicle from petrol to gas is fewer emission's and lower costs. Tests have proven that Omegas LPG has substantially decreased the amount of emissions that is produced by by tour vehicle if it was running on petrol.

The Landi Renzo Omegas Vapour Injection system is a state of the art development. It has the ability to convert any sequential injection system to LPG or CNG while matching or exceeding power output and meeting relevant emission requirements. The system works by injecting LPG at or close to the inlet valves in the cylinder head. This enables the ECU programmer to correctly measure the volume of Gas required and eliminates the possibility of backfiring. The result is a significant fuel cost saving and an environmental pollution reduction.

When choosing whats best for your vehicle look towards Apollo Gas' Omegas LPG kits for a healthier and smarter choice.